Lift Ads Service

We offer Lift Ads Service at Pan India

Lift Advertising

Let us take the marketing game a notch up with efficacious lift advertising services in Delhi NCR as we offer innovative marketing ideas that target specific demographics. Bring attention to your brand of the ‘Targeted Group’ with result-oriented Digital Elevator Ads now in Delhi NCR. Elevator Advertising works wonders in uplifting your brand’s awareness and sales to a great extent by hitting the audience when they have the most receptive mindset. Lift advertising works most constructively when you intend to target audience of all demographics and focus primarily on increasing the outreach of your brand, product, or business and spread awareness regarding the same.

Top reasons to advertise in lifts:

  • Captive Audience
  • Continuous Exposure
  • Run multiple ads in the campaign
  • Micro Targeting with customized ads
  • Cost-effective

If you have been on the lookout for lift advertising in Delhi NCR, then you’ve come up in the right place. We at Ad04 we sight at grabbing people’s attention for the time they are using the elevator by helping your brand craft innovative digital elevator ads that are unique and interactive so that people find it easy to connect and whenever they have to purchase something from your product offerings or avail any sort of services that matches your business type, your brand’s name is the first that pops up in their minds at once. We run your advertisements in loop in residential society lifts, corporate lifts, mall lifts. Currently, we provide these services in Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Goa. Ad04 is your best best when it comes to elevator advertising as our team is well versed with the art of catching people’s attention especially for those who have nothing that can distract them from their 30-50 seconds in the lift. With our effective digital elevator ads, we will make sure that your potential customers’ attention is completely devoted to the ad and is certainly going to leave an everlasting impression in their minds.

Why choose AD04 for lift advertising service?

  • Focussed attention of the audience for the while they use the elevator
  • Eye-catching and unique digital elevator ads
  • Great Customer Reach and Engagement
  • Reach to your target audience
  • Better ROI
  • Enhanced visibility of the brand

Straight from the designing to procuring of the posters, we’ve got it all covered. You just explain to us your needs and requirements and we will take care of the rest. Our team will do its best to communicate your message through the digital elevator advertising medium thereby ensuring that all the posters are periodically updated and the business is yielding great profits.